1- What is freehold property?

Freehold property is a type of property that you purchase, whereby the buyer owns both the plot and the unit. Freehold property owner is legally allowed to lease, occupy or sell the property, as well as use it in accordance with the local rules and regulations. Freehold properties aim at encouraging foreign investment in Dubai.

2- What is Oqood?

Oqood which means contracts in Arabic, is an e-service developed by Emirates Real Estate Solutions for real estate developers. It provides assistance in the process of property registration.

3- What is off-plan property?

An off-plan property is a property that hasn’t been built yet or is still in its first or preparatory  stages of construction.

4- What is DLD?

DLD is short for Dubai Land Department, a governmental regulatory body dealing with legislation, organization and services related to property and real estate transactions in Dubai.

5- What is RERA Dubai?

RERA is the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. It regulates the real estate industry in Dubai and handles the relationship between all parties of a contract and organizes property exchange processes.

6- What is DEWA Dubai?

DEWA is short for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. It handles the supply of electricity and water in Dubai.

7-  How do I apply for DEWA?

You can apply for DEWA online or on their website. You can also visit the offices of DEWA offices to apply for their services.

8- What are the deposits required for renting a property?

A 5% security deposit on unfurnished properties is required and 10% on furnished ones. You must also pay deposit of AED 2000 to DEWA for an apartment and AED 4000 for a villa.

9- What are the needed documents to qualify for a Tenancy Agreement for a Property?

A tenant who wishes to rent property in Dubai must provide:

  An original copy of a valid passport

  An original copy of a valid Residence Visa.

10- Does the Tenant need to register their Tenancy Contract with Ejari?

A tenancy contract must be registered with Ejari for the contract to become valid and enter into effect. No claims on property rental are valid if such action is not taken in virtue of the Law.

11- What are the needed documents to list a Property with Boulevard Views?

Listing property with Boulevard Views is quite simple. The documents required for listing a property with Boulevard Views are the following:

To lease or rent a property, we need:

  1. Filled Listing Sheet
  2. Title Deed or Oqood or (SPA) Sales Purchase Agreement
  3. A signed copy of the Owner’s Passport
  4. A signed Leasing Form by Owner
  5. Power of Attorney and a copy of its holder’s passport (if applicable)

To Sell Property:

  1. Filled Listing Sheet
  2. Title Deed, a Oqood or an SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement)
  3. A signed copy of the owner’s Passport
  4. A signed Form by the Owner
  5. Power of Attorney and a copy of its holder’s passport (if applicable)

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